B+LNZ Farm Environmental Management Plan Workshop: Waipukurau

This one day workshop and associated resources have been developed to help farmers operating within the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council boundaries to complete a Farm Environment Management Plan (FEMP), which will satisfy regional council requirements.


A FEMP is good for your business as well as the environment.

Implemented, it will demonstrate good management to the regional council, identify opportunities for efficiency gains within your business, while showing the wider community that sheep, beef and deer farmers are good caretakers of the land while also recording the unique aspects of your property for future management.

Venue/location to be confirmed.

Lunch provided.

What to bring

To complete a FEMP you will need:

  • An aerial photo or farm map (Regional Council can assist with this – call 0800 108 838).
  • A recent nutrient budget (if you do not have one, check with your fertiliser company for help; you can still attend if you don’t have one in time for the workshop).
  • Any other information you may have that will help set up your FEMP.

Registration and find out more

Numbers are limited so get in quick.

For further information or to register contact: Penny Munro (B+LNZ): penny.munro@beeflambnz.com or call her on 06 870 3497