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Everything beef farmers need to know about genetics is right here, from estimated breeding values to genetic traits, breeding tips, selecting bulls, calving and fertility.


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5 steps to finding the bull for your operation

Date published 3 February, 2017

The decision you make about which bull to buy this season will affect your business for four cow generations.

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Beef Breeder Update - Dec 2014

Date published 14 December, 2014

The first B+LNZ Genetics newsletter for beef breeders outlines the Beef Progeny Test project.

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Benefits-of-dairy-farms-using-better-beef-genetics-fact sheet

Date published 1 September, 2016

This Dairy Beef Integration project compared the use of Ezicalve (high estimated breeding values for calving ease and live weight) to unrecorded Hereford sires on a dairy farm and assessed the impacts on mating, calving, calf rearing and beef finishing. Using beef sires with high EBVs had benefits for both dairy and beef farmers.

ID number Fact sheet 116

Bull selection factsheet

Date published 1 April, 2009

This factsheet summarises what you need to consider before you buy a bull. It includes questions to ask your bull breeder, describes the physical attributes you should look for, and explains the importance of estimated breeding values.

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Using estimated breeding values in the beef industry

Date published 1 March, 2000

This brief explains estimated breeding values (EBVs) – and how beef farmers can use them to make faster genetic gains and more profit.

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ID number R&D Brief 59