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Here you’ll find research and resources on sheep and beef breeding, fertility, pregnancy and birth. You may also be interested in Genetics.


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400 plus - a guide to improved lamb growth

Date published 1 November, 2010

This book shows how to achieve lamb growth of more than 400g a day, with a broad recipe for better lamb growth, as well as the science behind the management.

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Abortion in ewes

Date published 1 February, 2007

This factsheet outlines the possible causes of abortion in your ewe flock and how to control/ prevent the problem.

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Achieving good cattle growth rates while maintaining pasture control

Date published 20 June, 2014

This study is part of the Finished by 20 Months project. It focuses on how allocating pasture to cattle can be prioritised by running leader/follower grazing systems.

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Arai Matawai - breeding for facial eczema tolerance

Date published 1 November, 2010

Arai Matawai is tackling the facial eczema challenge burdening its production levels by using breeding and genetics to introduce FE-tolerant Coopworth rams to its Romney ewes.

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ID number Adapting to a changing climate: case study 24

Artificial lamb rearing – managing abomasal bloat

Date published 1 June, 2006

Sheep Council factsheet on a novel Norwegian technique adapted by Waikato farmer Claire Bull to reduce the chance of bloat in artificially reared lambs.

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