Dry Management Toolkit

dry management toolkit

This toolkit provides practical advice and coping strategies for farmers dealing with or facing the possibility of extreme dry conditions.

Compiled by Beef + Lamb New Zealand in March 2013, it includes articles from a number of organisations.

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NIWA: New Zealand climate update                   

Get the toolkit

You can download the full Extreme Dry Management and Planning Toolkit (PDF, 2MB) or go straight to the section you need:

Meeting the challenges (PDF, 1MB)

Tips on managing stress in challenging times, lessons from past droughts and advice on planning ahead before summer hits.

Supplementary feeding (PDF, 638KB)
Alternative feed options, storage and water are all discussed in this section.

Animal health & welfare (PDF, 148KB)

Good animal husbandry is always important on New Zealand farms but in extreme dry conditions it becomes even more of a priority.

Management hints (PDF, 837KB)
Drought recovery strategies including the decision to ‘wait or mate’, fertiliser management, and managing your pasture when the drought breaks.


The Met Service provides 10-day forecasts, temperature data and a seasonal outlook for all major rural areas in New Zealand. Be prepared for whatever comes your way with the Met Service website.