Beef farm productivity

Here you’ll find research and resources to help beef farmers increase productivity and profits. There are also two good Australian websites – Beef CRC and Livestock Library.


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Accuracies of EBVs explained

Date published 27 October, 2011

This fact sheet explains why in using EBVs we must accept that we can never predict with 100% certainty how an animal will breed.

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Achieving good cattle growth rates while maintaining pasture control

Date published 20 June, 2014

This study is part of the Finished by 20 Months project. It focuses on how allocating pasture to cattle can be prioritised by running leader/follower grazing systems.

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Annihilating cattle faecal deposits to control endoparasites

Date published 20 December, 2011

This FITT trial was initiated to determine the effectiveness of post-grazing harrowing of pastures (and dung pats) as a tool to manage parasites in young grazing cattle.

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Beef cows – pre and post calving management

Date published 1 August, 2005

This brief covers the key management targets to help negotiate the risky period before and after calving.

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Better beef breeding

Date published 14 May, 2014

This book will help you interpret and understand breeding values, and use indexes to simplify bull selection. It was developed for B+LNZ's 2014 beef genetics workshops.

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