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A guide to feed planning for sheep farmers

Date published 1 October, 2004

Redesigned and reprinted in 2012, this booklet will help you use pasture more effectively to achieve high sheep production.

ID number 0-908768-25-7

Annual clover performance on medium rainfall hill country

Date published 1 November, 2012

This trial grew five top flowering annual clovers at Clarence Bridge and compared their performance with three control species: annual sub clover and perennial white and red clovers.

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ID number 11FT12

Balancing soil nutrients on the farm

Date published 1 March, 2001

How to tell if you are applying the right amount of maintenance fertiliser.

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ID number R&D Brief 83

Californian thistle control - mowing in the wet

Date published 1 August, 2012

Mowing Californian thistle in wet weather is the most effective and affordable way to control this common weed.

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ID number R&D brief 147

Clover root weevil

Date published 1 September, 2008

Use this pamphlet to identify clover root weevil at different stages of its life cycle. It also includes information about ways to reduce the impact of this pest.

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