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Here you’ll find research and resources to help sheep farmers increase productivity and profits. For genetics information, see Sheep genetics resources.


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Ram buyers' guide.pdf

Date published 1 October, 2012

Things to ask your ram breeder and to consider when choosing rams.

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400 plus - a guide to improved lamb growth

Date published 1 November, 2010

This book shows how to achieve lamb growth of more than 400g a day, with a broad recipe for better lamb growth, as well as the science behind the management.

ID number 0-908768-96-6

A guide to feed planning for sheep farmers

Date published 1 October, 2004

Redesigned and reprinted in 2012, this booklet will help you use pasture more effectively to achieve high sheep production.

ID number 0-908768-25-7

Abortion in ewes

Date published 1 February, 2007

This factsheet outlines the possible causes of abortion in your ewe flock and how to control/ prevent the problem.

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Arai Matawai - breeding for facial eczema tolerance

Date published 1 November, 2010

Arai Matawai is tackling the facial eczema challenge burdening its production levels by using breeding and genetics to introduce FE-tolerant Coopworth rams to its Romney ewes.

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