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Eastern North Island

B+LNZ is working in Gisborne, Hawke’s Bay and Wairarapa to help farmers improve their productivity and profitability.

Working for you

Your regional B+LNZ team are committed to helping you get the most from your farm.

  • Extension staff provide information to farmers, to extend their farming knowledge and help them make informed business decisions. They organise field days and workshops, farm trials and technology expos. They put together printed handouts and online information.
  • Economic Service staff collect the farm survey data for your region, which feeds into B+LNZ's economic reports and forecasts.

B+LNZ also has people working in areas like environment and policy, who promote the interests of farmers in your region.

Annual delivery plans

Each of the six B+LNZ regions has a local farmer council – voted for by you.

Every year, your Eastern North Island (ENI) Farmer Council works with your regional B+LNZ extension managers and your ENI farmer director to develop a regional delivery plan, using feedback from the region’s farmers. The Farmer Council draws on their knowledge of local needs and priorities to choose from a range of programmes and allocate funds. As a result, you get the tools and services that have the most value for your community.

Meet your local team...

George Tatham recropped
George Tatham

Farmer Director, Eastern North Island

Contact details
06 372 3609 0272 444 900
Sandra Faulkner
Sandra Faulkner

Farmer Council Chair, Eastern North Island

Contact details
06 862 8655 021 529 041
Stephen Lys

Economic Service Manager, Eastern North Island

Contact details
06 870 3496 027 248 3521
Mark Harris

Extension Manager, Eastern North Island

Contact details
06 870 3495 027 577 9991
Lauren Cameron

Extension Manager, Eastern North Island

Contact details
06 370 2389 027 431 7626
Penny Munro
Penny Munro

Region Co-ordinator

Contact details
06 870 3497 027 357 9241
Upcoming sheep and beef courses in the Coromandel.
Upcoming sheep and beef courses in the Wairarapa.
The Dry Management Toolkit gives you practical advice.
Coming up near you

Vet Services Dannevirke: Winter Seminar Wednesday, 26 July 2017 2pm: Dannevirke Vet Services Clinic, 193-195 High St, Dannevirke Regional event

Vet Services Wairarapa: Winter Sheep Seminar Wednesday, 26 July 2017 9am - 11:30am: Club Wairarapa, 20 Essex St, Masterton Regional event

Vet Services Hastings: Winter Seminar Thursday, 27 July 2017 2pm: 103 Grays Rd, (Opposite Vet Services), Hastings Regional event

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