Beef marketing in Taiwan

Taiwan is New Zealand’s largest market for prime cuts.

Local beef promotions focus on building and defending our market position against strong competition from Australia and the USA.

Setting Kiwi beef apart from the competition

Beef + Lamb New Zealand created a New Zealand grass-fed beef brand in Taiwan in 2007 to distinguish our beef from other products in the market. 

The English translation of our Taiwan marketing slogan is: “New Zealand grass-fed beef – your lean and tender choice bred in nature’s pastures.” The brand also supports the ‘three low’ message popular in North Asia – our beef is low calorie, low cholesterol and low fat.

Creating a stronger profile for New Zealand grass-fed beef with consumers is a key component of our marketing plan in Taiwan.

As well as campaigns that directly target consumers, we provide promotional support to importers who supply the food service sector with New Zealand grass-fed beef. We also work closely with specific restaurants to increase the visibility of our beef in the market.

Creating a buzz for our beef

Cooking classes are proving to be a successful promotional strategy. Not only do they give local foodies a chance to learn about grass-fed beef and have a go at cooking it for themselves, they are a great way to enlist new champions for pure and natural New Zealand beef.

We hosted three cooking classes in Taipei in 2011, which were followed by a number of blogs singing the praises of our product and hailing it as delicious and nutritious.

Survey results show all those who attended the classes left with an improved view of New Zealand beef, and a willingness to buy it in the future.

Restaurant promotions

We increase consumer awareness of our beef with promotions in restaurants like Royal Host, where it's been a menu staple for a number of years.

The nationwide chain is committed to providing high quality, healthy meals. We support it with point of sale materials such as menus showcasing the story of beef farming in New Zealand.

A recent highlight of our Taiwan programme was teaming up with Burger King. The company was keen to align itself with our beef because of New Zealand’s pure and natural farming systems and our beef’s consistent quality.

The regular promotions see New Zealand grass-fed beef branding prominently displayed in stores across the country and on the Burger King website. The site also includes information about New Zealand and our farming systems.

We also work with Mos Burger – a local chain with around 130 outlets nationwide, and a focus on natural healthy food. Using our beef in their burgers was a natural choice. We support Mos Burger with menus, store posters, brochures and TV commercials.

Educational seminars

We hold educational seminars throughout Taiwan, targeting chefs, purchasing managers, restaurant owners and culinary schools.  

The seminars aim to provide information, increase knowledge and demonstrate to hospitality industry professionals the benefits and business advantages of adopting and promoting New Zealand grass-fed beef. 

Participants are introduced to New Zealand farming systems, our processing industry, and food safety systems, as well as the unique characteristics of grass-fed beef and the associated nutritional benefits.

The seminars also include an interactive component through demonstrations on cutting, preparing, handling and cooking New Zealand grass-fed beef, finishing with the opportunity to taste the product.

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