Glammies judging 2015

Roll out the red carpet for the Glammies finalists

29 February 2016

The finalists of the 2016 Beef + Lamb New Zealand Golden Lamb Awards, aka the Glammies, have been announced.

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Green Thistle Beetle story

Beetle release offers hope of long-term Californian thistle control

25 February 2016

A small green beetle, with a penchant for eating Californian thistle, is being released on farms across the country.

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Phil Smith 2

Beef remains the bright star

22 February 2016

This month B+LNZ farmer director Phil Smith  talks about d rought recovery in North Canterbury; prices for lamb, wool and beef; and health and safety compliance workshops.

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Hill country LEP

The upside of farm environmental planning

19 February 2016

Beef + Lamb New Zealand is working alongside hill country farmers in some of the most iconic parts of the country to help them address the unique environmental challenges they face.

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Demo farm - Parrott - facial eczema

Some answers around facial eczema

15 February 2016

Three years of on-farm investigations into the true cost of facial eczema in beef cattle, and options for prevention and treatment, have thrown up some useful recommendations.

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Caution urged around mating lambs on lucerne

11 February 2016

Sheep farmers should be cautious about mating their ewe hoggets on lucerne – particularly in damp overcast conditions –  says Lincoln University’s plant scientist Professor Derrick Moot.

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Trade Policy Newsletter

Out now: Trade Policy newsletter

11 February 2016

International and national updates covering trade initiatives, climate change and more. Updates on regional council planning and policy developments. 

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Derrick Moot 2016

Post-drought pasture recovery

9 February 2016

Significant rainfall over the South Island’s east coast means drought-stricken farmers are moving into recovery mode as they evaluate their options going into autumn. We asked Lincoln University plant scientist, Professor Derrick Moot, for his top tips for pasture recovery.

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James Parsons with logo

Health and safety on farm

4 February 2016

Beef + Lamb New Zealand Chairman James Parsons shares some thoughts and updates on the new health and safety legislation.

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Farm Safety news carousel

Simplifying H&S compliance

2 February 2016

Beef + Lamb New Zealand rolls out its Farm Safety Support Programme this week.

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