James Parsons speech

24 March 2016

Read a transcript of the speech by Beef + Lamb New Zealand's chairman James Parsons to our Annual Meeting on 23 March 2016 at Waitangi.

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Velvetleaf banner via MPI

Velvetleaf: Find it, report it, manage it

24 March 2016

Another problem weed is something we can definitely do without. That’s why farmers in the north and south islands are being asked to check for the highly invasive weed velvetleaf in paddocks where fodder beet was sown – either this year or last year.

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Dung beetles

Dung beetles punch above their weight

22 March 2016

With what’s happening in the environment space, it’s prudent to look at all options to reduce our environmental footprint. Believe it or not, dung beetles may be able to help us here, says B+LNZ Mid-Northern North Island extension manager Andrew Jolly.

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Ballance Farm Environment Award winners Northland -  Dennis and Rachelle O’Callaghan

Striking a balance

21 March 2016

Successfully balancing productivity with environmental responsibility has won Dennis and Rachelle O’Callaghan the Supreme Award at this year’s Northland Ballance Farm Environment Awards.

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Dot Larsen NNI banner

Northern North Island farmers faring better than most

21 March 2016

In a season when lamb prices have disappointed, relatively high cattle prices have helped prevent northern farmers’ incomes from slipping to the extent of their counterparts in other regions, comments Dot Larsen, Beef + Lamb New Zealand Economic Service Manager, Northern North Island.

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Phil Smith with background

Farming through market cycles

21 March 2016

Our forefathers were no strangers to the cyclical nature of farming – and neither are we, says Phil Smith, Beef + Lamb New Zealand's Northern South Island farmer director.

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Velvet leaf banner 15 March 2016

Velvetleaf update: now nationwide

15 March 2016

[Updated 17 March] The highly invasive crop weed, velvetleaf, has now been found in fodder beet crops in the North Island.

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Glammies winners 2016

Nation’s Best Lamb Found in Central Otago

14 March 2016

Robert, Rosemary, Grant and Teri Gardyne’s Perendale from Central Otago has been named 2016 Glammies Grand Champion.

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Velvetleaf banner

Velvetleaf: Farmers urged to act swiftly

8 March 2016

One of the world's worst cropping weeds, velvetleaf, has been found in North Canterbury and Central Otago fodder beet crops.

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Andrew Morrison with logo behind

Accentuating the positive

7 March 2016

While prices are in the doldrums and it's frustrating not to be rewarded financially – it is hard to put a price on being outdoors on a summer’s day doing a job you love, says Andrew Morrison.

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