Mixing it up with lucerne

31 October 2016

It's difficult to achieve balance with mixes and growing pure stands within a forage system is a better option, says Professor Derrick Moot.

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Holding soil

Getting down to grass level

26 October 2016

Soil and pasture testing is an established and trusted part of our New Zealand farming systems. But do we use it as often and strategically as we should?

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Derrick Moot 2016

Legumes driving dryland production

25 October 2016

Developing systems that drive spring production have been the focus of ongoing dryland forage trials on Lincoln University’s Ashley Dene farm.

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Internal parasite management: Cost-benefit analysis

21 October 2016

Given that you don’t “see” drench resistance in animals until the problem is extreme, what is the cost that we cannot see? AgResearch’s Dr Dave Leathwick has crunched some numbers – and the figures are so compelling, they don’t seem real.

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New farm audit system for the red meat sector

21 October 2016

Lowering farmer costs and reducing duplication are key aspects of a new farm audit system being introduced this month.

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Climate Change and Agriculture

20 October 2016

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has produced a report which examines the issue of agricultural greenhouse gases and aims to develop a common understanding of the basic science involved.

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Sharl Leibergreen

B+LNZ Genetics appoints Technical/Extension Manager

19 October 2016

Beef + Lamb New Zealand Genetics has appointed Sharl Leibergreen as Technical/Extension Manager.

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Internal parasite management: Initial questions and answers

18 October 2016

When it comes to internal parasite control in sheep and cattle, there are essentially two options: the easy approach or the responsible approach.

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Phil Smith

Getting lamb on the menu

18 October 2016

Promoting the consumption of lamb in the USA would have a profound effect on the global lamb market, says B+LNZ farmer director Phil Smith, who recently mentored the Tri-Lamb Young Leaders group.

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Alison Whiteford with background

Opportunity to shine

17 October 2016

Applications for the 2017 Ahuwhenua Trophy Sheep and Beef Competition are now open, offering Maori entrants the opportunity to tell their stories and benchmark their business.

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