Beef + Lamb New Zealand Genetics


New Zealand is renowned for its world-leading sheep and beef sector genetics services. B+LNZ Genetics ensures we continue to set the bar.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand Genetics is a government-backed subsidiary of B+LNZ. It brings together New Zealand's existing sheep and beef genetics research and innovation through the consolidation of SIL, the B+LNZ Central Progeny Test and Ovita.

The driving theme of Beef + Lamb New Zealand Genetics is building stronger genetics. It does this by focusing on industry-relevant outcomes and adoption.

B+LNZ Genetics enables farmers to make the most of new and existing genetic technologies for sheep and beef cattle breeding, to breed the animals New Zealand needs for the future.

The programme introduces new traits into breeding stock to boost farm profits and efficiency, and enhance the product qualities that consumers find desirable. There is a strong focus on animal performance in hill country.

Work carried out by B+LNZ Genetics is a mix of:

  • innovation, to develop new tools
  • adoption, to get more use of genetic information by industry
  • service, to maintain and enhance the  genetic evaluation services already used by the sheep industry.

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Graham Alder talks about B+LNZ Genetics plans to deliver profitable genetic gain for the New Zealand sheep and beef industry.